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At NY Detox Now we know there are many addiction treatment programs options in Brooklyn New York available for people coping with an addiction to drugs, alcohol or smoking. For many Brooklyn residents, the first step toward recovery is acknowledging their particular struggle with substance abuse and/or dependency. Contact us today regarding our Brooklyn Detox Services.

Brooklyn Addiction Help

We offer a comprehensive Brooklyn outpatient rehab program for addiction detox and care. Our Brooklyn detox programs offer many effective and practical treatments and therapies for outpatient rehabs allowing patients to live at home during the treatment and recovery process. NY Detox Now clients or patients can continue working and caring for their families while attending scheduled treatment sessions on your time throughout the week.

Brooklyn outpatient rehab programs for addiction are perfect for those suffering from a milder form of addiction or those who have just finished inpatient rehab and have a committed and diligent approach to addiction recovery.

Brooklyn Drug & Alcohol Detox

The best way to “get clean” or detox is with medical supervision, without medical supervision quitting or going “cold turkey” has inherent risks and may even have deadly consequences. Common symptoms of going cold turkey without adequate supervision can lead to serious issues such as seizures, continuous insomnia, and severe dehydration. So call Dr. FitzGerald Alcindor today at New York Detox Now and ensure your detoxification has a better chance of success and that you are also more comfortable physically and mentally while the drugs and/or alcohol leave your system. Withdrawal symptoms for drug and alcohol users can vary greatly from person to person; withdrawal symptom characteristics are dependent upon the drug itself, the severity of use, the length of use and your overall physical and mental condition at the time, and with this many variables at work medical supervision while detoxing is always suggested.

Brooklyn Drug Treatment

A medically supervised detox program helps prevent dangerous complications from drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Drug Addiction in Brooklyn

Drug addiction is a disease, and therefore must be treated as such with competent medical supervision. Since prolonged drug use causes changes in the body’s biochemistry, it takes time, effort, professional medical supervision, and individualized treatment to recover and restore equilibrium.

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Alcohol Addiction in Brooklyn

Treatment and rehab for alcoholism is possible for those wanting help, and should always include alcohol detox counseling too. Alcohol abuse is a major problem among both teens and adults in Brooklyn and we at NY Detox Now offer confidential treatment programs customized to your unique situation.

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Prescription Drug Addiction in Brooklyn

Break free of prescription drug abuse with NY Detox Now. The right prescription drug treatment and rehabilitation program is dependent on a specific individuals needs and also the type of drug abused. Treatment options include behavioral and medical treatments in an outpatient setting.

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Smoking Addiction in Brooklyn

Nicotine, found in all tobacco products, is a highly addictive drug. At NY Detox Now we treat the two types of addiction in regards to smoking, one is physical and the other is psychological. Understanding and treating the two will aid in quitting, and please remember, smoking is not simply a bad habit—it’s an addiction

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