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“There are various addictions afflicting us right now, and none of us are immune to its influence, for we are all humans and are built with the same receptors and vulnerabilities in our system which can be like a magnet for drug, alcohol and smoking addiction in the appropriate setting and this is even more likely when associated with mental health issues.” – Dr. Fitzgerald Alcindor At New York Detox Now we understand what you are going through and just as importantly how to help. Make an appointment at New York Detox Now and see how we can help you! We care for the whole family when it comes to addiction, including adults, adolescents and teenagers, if your teen is experimenting with pot, alcohol, sleeping pills, smoking or a combination of the above call us today at 516-965-7464. If you are a teenager and need help with addiction tell your parents and call us today!

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You can call us today and make an appointment to meet us in 24 hours or less, it is possible that we can accomplish next day appointments.


Whether it be the ER setting or the office we can honestly say we have been there, and bring that Knowledge, Guidance and Team Work to you.

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Our office is like a Virtual Office and we are ready To Set Up Your Visit ASAP. We offer our clients quick access to effective addiction treatment.

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The road to recovery requires the most up-to-date information and treatment for optimal results. The finish line is successful addiction recovery.

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Our New York Detox Services start with planning


Our New York Detox Services involve Commitment from our clients.


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What Our Patients Say About New York Detox Now

“Dr. Alcindor is definitely an addiction specialist and helped with my addiction to opioids he offered me the help I needed at the right time.” Robert W.

- May, 2015

“New York Detox Now was there for me and I found the doctor really easy to talk to, so I highly recommend him. Thank you Doctor Fitz!” Alejandra J.

- July, 2016

“This is the best Long Island detox doctor I have found in years of looking for help with my addictions, I tell everyone who will listen how great you are.” Daniela R.

- Nov, 2016

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