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This Medical team just added a Major Player to its roster: You.
The Most Important at its Center. We will tackle all your addiction issues and bring you closer toward the goal of recovery.

This Doctor/Nurse Team will provide you with the tools to quit and sustain your recovery.

Contacting the husband and wife team of the doctors Alcindor is the first step in any comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation program
The NYDetoxNow team is centrally located in Baldwin Nassau County Long Island New York and as with any quality medical drug detox center we provide medications and therapy to manage symptoms of withdrawal. Our medical detox programs are designed to help people struggling with addiction, and their families, to get the help needed in order to build a sober future. By enrolling with New York Detox Now, families will soon be on the road to a happier and healthier future.

The Advantages of Outpatient Treatment

There are numerous advantages to our outpatient detox treatment that may appeal to many individuals recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. For one, the cost of an outpatient program is generally less than that of a residential drug treatment program. Also, for those who are looking to maintain their jobs/careers and family life during the recovery period, outpatient treatment provides a chance to get help while not completely disrupting the flow of an individual’s life. And for some, there is also a negative stigma associated with residential or inpatient care that may be hard to overcome. Simply put, if an individual is uncomfortable in the residential program, it might take longer or be more difficult to achieve rehab success.


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